New Consumer Refinance Website Shows Homeowners when to Refinance and Real-Time Savings

September 25, 2020

Consumers can now refinance on autopilot. Here is How:

While it's no secret that refinancing applications have surged recently there still remains available a resource consumers can use to put their refinance on autopilot without using a bank or credit union.

Additional Refinance Savings Could Be Available Today - Even if you refinanced recently.

The official Lower My Bills Refinance website is allowing consumers to refinance seamlessly from their smartphone without added refi-costs. Many homeowners report finding additional savings averaging $271/monthly even if refinancing recently.

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One of the top-rate refinance options for consumers to use online will show real-time savings while comparing the lowest rates in nearly 50-years.

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How It Works

Never refinanced before? No problem we will walk you through the process with a trusted advisor.

Refinanced recently? See if you have new refinance savings that could be available to you. No bank or credit union required.

Step 1:

Enter your current mortgage details to calculate the lowest rate.

Step 2:

See if you qualify for additional refinance savings.

Step 3:

Lock in a lower rate and payment if it works for you. No obligation.

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